Travelling to Borneo

Here we go again… My next travelling story. Try to write in english… Sorry about the grammar please ๐Ÿ˜
Last week i went to Natioanl Park Tanjung Puting (Taman Nasional Tanjung Puting). Its located in Central Kalimantan. How can we get there? Easiest way? Travel agent… Hehehe… Yes, i used Kakaban. They offer 3 days 2 nights and live on boat… Wohooo… Exciting right? ๐Ÿ˜Š


After arriving in Pangkalan Bun Airport (friday afternoon), we picked up by Pak Hadri. He is our tour guide from Kakaban. We’re heading to Kumai Port ( Pelabuhan Kumai). Its quit near from the airport. It took about 25min to Kumai Port. Guess Pangkalan Bun is small city. No sophisticated building. We found borneo mall. Small building and didnt see the parking cars were full. Its like desserted town and life goes slowly here. Ahhh… Seems like i can take a deep breathe here. Lots of space and fresh air in here and no traffic jam for sure.
At Kumai Port, its quit crowded. Lots of boats are ready, stand by for the guest. The boat is called Klotok. e boat. Klotok is made by wooden river boat about 12m by 2m with a roof which forms the upper deck where we can view the rain forest as it glides by. En We have nice klotok with friendly staff. Ups forget to inform. We are in 5 members. Me, Ester, Mbot, Pade and Lia. We are friends since were in college in 2002. Since its 2PM, we are served the lunch directly. Coollllll… They provide us with fresh fish, vegetable (called cap cay) and also provide us with fruits like grape and orange… No diet please โœŒ๐Ÿป๏ธ  
1st stop will be Tanjung Harapan. We will watch the orang utan’s life in feeding time. We sailed down the river. Such a relaxing, comfy and lovely environment. The boat sailed slowly and we can enjoy the forest. Sometime the monkey showed up in the trees. After 1hour sailing, we arrived at Tanjung Harapan. We did short tracking- around 10minutes to feeding places. Some of orang utans were there, hanging on the trees. But since they are wild orang utan, we are forbidden to get closer. Minimum 5 meter from them. Need to be silent as well, we cant disturb them. While we talked, we whispered ๐Ÿ‘‚๐Ÿป 


The orang utan is individualistic. They dont live in group. Even while they took the bananas or milk served, they queue. If one of them are having the food, others will wait in the trees. This feeding time finished around 5PM. Then we went back to klotok.   

Again… Its very nice services from the staff. They provide us with fried banana, boiled potatoes (ubi merah rebus) and mango juice… Woohoo.. Still have space on our belly for sure… After that we took a relax time while seing the sunset from the boat. 

At night. We slept on the klotok in upper deck. They provided mattress for 5 of us. Covered by mosquitos net (kelambu nyamuk) to keep us save. The genset will be on for couple hours. They shut it down after dinner. And we slept in silence. Sometimes you can see the sounds of the orang utan, mongkey, birds and cricket. And my additional tips for you… Guess the temperature dropped around 1-3 am, i was a bit freezing. The wind blew a bit strong. Luckily, i bought jackets to warm me up. The also provide bed cover for us.


2nd Day 

Woke up at 5.30, the air was very fresh. Its so relaxing. The staff had prepared tea, coffee and milk for us. And the fried rice ready around 6.30. They set the table in the dock. And we are having on breakfast in the dock, beside the boat. While our eyes are served with the river and green forest. Subhanallah… We are really blessed to have this…


After took the breakfast, we went to 2nd place, Pondok Tanggui. Also we did a short track around 15-20min. The forest is beautiful. Roots of the tree shows up. The soft peat soil while you stepped the walk. The feeding place is similiar like Tanjung Harapan. We need keep silent to respect the orang utan. For the next 1 hour, we enjoy the feeding time. Watch how orang utan are hanging from tree to tree. Sometimes i feel that they dont want to be watched. So while having the food, they are sitting back on us. 


Another lesson that i got was how the orang utan kept her children. The mom will always bring them wherever they go. The baby will hang on her tightly. Sometimes the baby kept hanging on mom even while they eat. The guide said they will always be together till the baby is 5-7 years old. This is to make sure the baby is strong enough, know how to get the food and avoid the threat from others.

See… Mom and child connections are inevitable.


Last stop was Camp Leakey. Its quite big. They have small museum. Shows you about orang utan life, map of the camp, camp leakey history and the family chain. It not a big place but enough to give you some knowledge about orang utan.


Its really amazing to have this. Its just like another part that i’ve never known before.

Really love this trip. Another thing that make this trip amazing is my friends. We share lots of things. Relax. Release the stress from jobs. We laughed together. Took lots of photos and we-fie for sure. Hope we can do this again with different trip. Aamiin…

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