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Oh well… Hospital

oh well… 
Yes, im just so scared to go to hospital actually. Since i was a child, im quite proud of my self… In elementary school, i might only absent 1-2 days in a year. Mostly because of going somewhere for family matters. My mom is also strick to that. If you only got flu, cough even headache, you have to go to school. Dont get weak because of it. Need to fight the pain she said…
It continued to happen till high school. Even i was so scared when i was absent. Seems like im very stupid, would not understand a stage of lessons, say chemistry? Maigat… So scared to death… Hahaha… Even i wasnt brave enough to go with my friends in school day. We call it Madol 😅😂
But now… Its a bit different. Started  in my first job. My very first job. Its a big and famous fmcg i guess 😜

After working for 2 weeks, i was hospitalized. Cause of typhus. And doctor said if im late go to hospital, it can cause hepatitis ? Gosh….

Im still thinking that im strong enough and would not make a friend with hospital. One of darkenss day, i guess, and i made friend with hospital for surgery. Im not strong enough to write here now. But agaian, im still thinking, in positive way and tone, that im strong enough…

Again… Couple years later, i was hospitalized cause of virus. It attacked me when i was very weak. Previously, i cant sleep for couple days. I started feeling dizzy and fever. At night, it was so called. Frezzing. Shivering. Till the nurse gave me like 3-4 blanket to make me warm. It took me 7 days in hospital. So boring when infusion is following every step you take. Sometimes the infusion got stuck when you move to much. And the nurse will push the infusion cable to make it work… Gosh… No more please. It hurt. That much 😢😔

Again… Im still thinking a positive way. Thinking that im strong enough. Till couple days ago, i need to have surgey. In my wirst. It happend because of my ignorance. I didnt do gym in right way. Till it attacked my tendon and muscle near my wrist. First time, the doctor helped me by giving an injections, to reduce the pain. Guess it only last for couple months. And second injections came. And worked only couple months as well. Till the doctor gives me the last option. I need to do surgery. Injection will not help me, even harm my self. 

Hiks… And i did the surgery. I was so nervous for the surgery. Got high blood pressure before entering the surgery room. They gave me anesthetic in my hand and start to do the surgery. 

Well… The surgery went well. I feel oke in the recovery room. But several hours later, when the anesthetic’s gone…. Hiks… It hurt a lot. Even i cant make a move. Start to get fever till the nurse give me pain killer… 😭😥😔

Gosh… I might not strong enough. That i need to realize. I just hope for a better conditions and healthy life. Hope the hospital will be nice with me….

Good Night Everyone… Be strong and be healthy…

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