Cubit Pipi

Lemon Grass…

Hows your weekend mate?  My next article might give you some insights for one of resto in Bogor if you plan to go there ✌🏻️



Several days ago, i went to Bogor and visited my sister. We plan to try one of the ‘hits’ hang out places called Lemon Grass. I saw  lots of my friends were there and showed some good pictures of that place. That makes us curious and go there for a try.

1. For the ambience – since we go there in the afternoon, its quite hot. Though its open area. No air con. Just several big fan in the corner to spread the wind. They have several sitting area. Called in the main area, where round table are placed. A nice small garden is the middle. Across that garden, they also some seating area to enjoy the food. They also have 2nd floor. I didnt go upstairs so cant explain further. 

If you go with friends, i prefer the sitting area near the garden. Especially in the afternoon. It looks comfy and you can sit back and relax ✌🏻️


2. Food

They offer several type of food. Mostly are Asian Foods. Such as dimsum, noodles and rice for sure. Reading for some review, we start to order the appetizer. Called roti tipis nuttela dan keju (thick bread with nutella and cheese).

And here they are πŸ˜†

Well its not as big as we think though. How to eat that. We just need to break layer of the bread by our fingers πŸ˜… and you can take the nutella and cheese on the bottom. Score : 6.5


For main menu, i read of of the best is kwetiau penang. But since my mom has ordered mie goreng penang, guess it will be same, i change to kwetiau ayam. So if you are asking me about the taste, for sure, i will take the penang noodle or kwetiau. The taste is spicy, not too hot, but delicious. Chicken and eggs are abound in your plate. Guess those are heavier than noodles its self πŸ˜‹ 

Score for mie goreng penang 8.5

Score for kwetiau ayam 8

 My sister also order ayam asam manis. I think its quite common and you can find it in other place. For me, not too special on this menu.  Score for this Ayam Asam Manis 7
For beverage, we order different menu. I choose Watetmelon Lemonade, since this beverage us quite often being ordered by customer. Taste is fresh. Mic between seeet and sour. I like the freshness ✌🏻️
My sister order Jus kedongdong. This is nice. If you like something sour and feels like the juice is filling your mouth with the freshness. This is cool as well πŸ˜‹
Last is es campur, ordered by my mom. This one for sure is sweet. Again, its quite common as others es campur. But if you see for the first time, the outlook shows like taiwan dessert πŸ˜‹ but oke for the trial. 


3. Service

When i come, no need to argue with the service. The have plent of waiters who ready to serve you. They are friendly and quite fast to catch up with the order. They also offer you to take picture with lemongrass signage as background πŸ˜… score is 8 for the service
So… Overall, i give a reco to go there. At least for you to try a new hang out places at Bogor. Food and Beverage are nice. Ambience and service are good. Why wait?


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