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Which colour are you?

This time, i just wanna share about lipstick… Yes please 😅 actually i dont really understand about make up and so on… When im going out, i just put powder, loose powder and lipstick. Cause i have no idea how to put *another* things beside those two 😂
So talking about lipstick…
Since i was in college, one of my friend say that im good while using nude or soft orange. Hahaha actually i dont understand the difference. But he gave me a sample of the colour. He? Well.. Yes… Sometimes he works as a make up artist now…
Now, for daily use, i have some options. Still follow his guidance 😂 but i try to find another colours. Like pink and red 💋 
Currently, matte is very happening. Guess every brand launch this type. Its nice. Its like a fully covered your lips. I try some of them such as borjuis, sleek matte me, stilla and local products, purbasari ✌🏻️
Every brand has its own character. Depends on your needs also. 
From those 4, i like borjuis most. Mostly cause its quite light on your lips, cover well and soft as well. 
Stilla is also nice, no need to put several times since it will be heavy on your lips. Still is very soft on lips.
Sleek Matte me is doing well also. Though its not as soft as those 2 above, but its long lasting and covering your lips well…m
Purbasari, the local one is great. Not too dry but soft on your lips.
For the creamy one, i love using bobbi brown. Its soooo great. The colours is doing well on your lips. No need to argue 🙏🏻
I also try some others like revlon, loreal, and color pop… Depends on the occasions and needs 😘💋
So which colour are you ?

One thought on “Which colour are you?

  1. I really like pink/rose colours on me as it suits my skin and hair colour.. I have to be careful with some nudes though.. A good tip is to put some Vaseline over the lipstick if it’s too dark to even it out a little 😉


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