Garut with its Beauty


Another stories of my travelling!!!

Pantai Santolo…

Today, i wanna share about one of city, in West Java, called Garut… If we drive from Jakarta (considering light traffic), it will take you around 5-6 hours. Why garut? Well… Cause it can be reached by car from Jakarta, only take you several hours (considering not heavy traffic happen) and several beautiful places around. So… Why wait people 😊


another side of pantai santolo
Our first stop is Pantai Santolo. Actually we saw a picture from other travellers about this beach. And its pretty. When you arrive in the beach, you will find lots of hostel or simple place to stay. Some of them rent big room with several beds. But please dont expect a convinient hotel ya gals. Its only simple place which offered by local people. But they are very friendly. Several steps from there, you will find lots of boat. Some of them are belonged to the fisherman. But some of them are available for visitors to rent. This boat can take you into another side of the Pantai Santolo. In this side, there is a old building like a gate and bridge. And for sure… The view is damnly coollllll…. Have a look gals 😊
pantai santolo is beautiful…

this is the gate in pantai santolo
and old bridge… when something has just begun…


After having several hours at Pantai Santolo, we continue our trip to Kampung Naga. Its located near kota garut, about an hour from main city. Kampung Naga (dragon village) still keeps their authenticity. You will find no electricity. All of the houses look same one from another. They have sharing fishpond and farm. So everytime they have a ceremony, they will take it from that side. They are all moslems but the guide told me they also have their own believe to run their life. They are very friendly. They always smile when they meet the visitors. Their village is surrounded by forest. Some of areas are prohibited to be visited. The guide said that its their believe from their ancestor

its kampung naga


inside kampung naga

a river next to kampung naga
welcome to kampung naga

Another beautiful place that you can visit in Garut is Candi Cangkuang. The tempel is located about 45 minutes from the city. Before you arrive at Candi Cangkuang, you need to rent an Getek (small boat or watercraft). It cost 4000/person. But you can rent it by your own by paying 100.000/boat. It will take you like 5 min only into the temple. Actually its only one main temple. But looking the surrounding, its very nice. The lake, forest and mountain. Its so cool. Since we were in hurry, we dont have much time to explore the tempel. Based on wikipedia, candi cangkuang was made from andesite stones, the temple’s base measures 4.5 x 4.5 meters and 8.5 meters tall. The temples faces east, on the east side there is a flight of stairs leading to the portal and a small main room (garbhagriha). Inside the main room there is a small 62 cm tall stone statue of Shiva. The statue is damaged, the hands are broken and the face is quite eroded. On the pedestal of the statue there is a carving of Nandi’s head. The temple is quite simple and unadorned with minimal ornaments. The roof is arranged in three receding steps adorned with pseudo-lingam pinnacles. The architectural style is similar to those of early Central Javanese Hindu temples. Judging from the stone decay degradation and the simple style of the temple, expert estimates that the temple is dated circa early 8th-century, around the same period of Dieng temples, and slightly older than temples of southern Central Java such as Prambanan.


candi cangkuang
pemandangan sekitar candi cangkuang

this is the getek (boat)

Our last stop is Kawah Kamojang (kamojang crater). Actually its geothermal field. Its nice place to see the geothermal activation. You can have a walk, enjoying the environment. Since the weather is nice. Its cool… One of the guide shows you a short show. He will throw a bunch of plastik/paper into the geothermal source and then it will blow up fast up to several meters above cause of the pressure. Well… Its really nice…
Other spot shows you also another view. Some of people are doing such a sauna. They believe the steam coming out will be usefull for our body. Another unique thing that you can find there is boiling the egg. Since the water flowing from the geothermal side is very hot so that you can boil eggs there. They said the egg is great and tasty.

kawah kamojang


another part of kawah kamojang
someone who boil the eggs

the place is being locked for its security

So… Isnt it so beautiful? 

Lets go to Garut, Mate 😘

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