Cubit Pipi

Have A Break… Have A Kitkat


Are you chocolate lovers mate?
Well… Actually I’m not. But there is one snacking that I like, kit kat.


First time, they only offer chocolate. Now you can find a lot of choices of the flavour. Mostly it’s coming from Japan. I got the green tea flavour from my friend who has come back from Japan. Starting there, I know they have a lotttsss of flavors

When you go other countries, most of the other variant that you can find is only dark choco. So I guess we need to visit Japan

Well… Since imported products are easy to find here now, I have experienced with others flavors.

Strawberry – for me it’s nice. Mix between sour and sweet of the choco.


Sakura green tea – it’s green tea flavour in might version. Me? It’s so so…  
Pumpkin – you know exactly from the word. It’s not to sweet. I feel a bit weird with taste. But not bad for trial.  

Baked sweet potato – me like it. Especially when you baked it. It will be melted and crunchy. Nice flavors


Now… Im having premium hazelnut. Well… Its not really like  i thought and imagined. Cant feel the hazelnut taste inside. Only lights choco. But the crunchy  is still there…
Well, lets try some more, in Japan 🙏🏻😊

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