Labengki… Me Love You 


So excited to tell you about my new trip…
Yuhuuuu… Its called Labengki Island. Where is it? For sure, its located in Indonesia…
Well… Lets explore, mate 👏🏻
For the first time, i know this place from my travel buddy. He told me about this beautiful place, called Labengki Island. Its located in Southeast Sulawesi. You can fly thru kendari, and it will take you around 1.5 hour to the port and continue around 1.5-2 hours by boat.

Then, Landed safely at Pulau Labengki Besar 😘

We stay at Kakaban Cottage… Or you can say guest house, since they still develop this place. But for sure, its very comfort, homy and peacefull place. In this island, its only for you. No body else. Yes, feels like the owner, mate 😂🙏🏻

Alrite… Lets explore other island one by one 😎

My first stop is Pantai Air Kiri.

Its nice beach. You can do and play cano here. And for sure its a best spot for taking picture. Why? The landscape, the view, and colour of the water its self… Damnly coooolll… Gradation from light green, dark green into blue… Gosh… Subhanallah… Beautifull.. 

Another activities that you can do here is snorkling. But for me its not really nice view. I prefer to enjoy canoing or relax savoring the view

Second step is called lagoon sambori.

Our guide say that local people dont have the name of this lagoon yet. But so far we call it as Sambori Lagoon. Its…. coolllll… Breath taking part 1 😍 The lagoon is surrounded by big rocks… For sure you can do snorkling and canoing here

Third place… Gua Kristal or Crystal cave

For first sight, its similiar like jomblang cave in yogyakarta (never been there yet). Its full of pretty stalagtit an stalagmit rocks. And sometimes at night, the bats stay there… You need to do a short tracking like 5min to go there…
Forth place… Kampung Bajo (bajo village)

Its really a nice place. They are so happy and welcome to new comer. Its still a quit place, far away from sophisticated and modern things. But again, you can feel the happiness there. 

Fifth place… Bukit Kayangan ( kayangan valley)

Another breath taking. Part 2… Though its not easy to reach the place, which you need to do a bit extreme tracking. But its worth it 💪🏻

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