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Love my new bed line

So excited telling this story.
Last sunday, i went with my mom to Aeon Mall in bsd. She just wanted to look around the mall which is becoming famous lately. And when we want to have lunch, i just have another idea, to get her to IKEA. Giving her a short brief about ikea 🙌🏻 and she agreed to go there…
Once we arrived there, we went to the resto directly. Its quite crowded and we need to queue to resto around 40 min 😔

But we can still enjoy our food after that.
Finishing our late lunch, we continue to look around IKEA. Guess what… I found my dream bed linen on sale 😍👏🏻🙏🏻😆😘

Im so excited. Mwhahahahha… I found this design last year. And thought that it was expensive. Now its on sale 50%… Huhuhu… Cant stand on it and i grab it fast. Lucky me. It was the last piece…

Horayyyyy ✌🏻️🙌🏻

Im so exicted having this. Always love ikea’s design of bed linen. Its so typical of ikea. The material is soft. Colours are matched. Cant wait to have… Another sale 😂😆🙏🏻


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